The Joy that is Christmas.

Something about the month of December and just Christmas time in general makes for one happy girl in my house (yes that girl is me) . Its a time to indulge in all things sweet and savoury, a time to spend with family and a time to join in on all the Christmas festivities . A highlight for me is walking into the house when my mum is making Christmas puddings and the house smells of spices and fruit and aromas that scream merry Christmas. Fundamental to this happiness is something that I could shamelessly enjoy all year round…. but unfortunately that is just not  the way the cookie crumble… and no I’m not trying to be witty and talk about the greatness that is sugar cookies and ginger bread men. Christmas carols. I say this in complete confidence… I may or may not be listening to spotifys ‘Pop Christmas’ playlist while I write this … but I’m totally not listening to The Backstreet Boys- Its Christmas Time Again, that’s a lie, I totally am and I am loving every minute of it ( – check it out, I promise you will not regret it). For me at least, I know that Christmas carols are like a warm fluffy blanket for my soul, the ease the stress of the month and the worries that come with the beautiful thing that is Christmas time. Now lets have a moment to talk about gift exchange, although every Christmas is special , this year especially is one that is overwhelmingly special for my family and I as it has been the most rocky and unexpected of years. But there is always a silver lining, and that came in the form of a little baby girl, my niece… who actually is seven months old today. She is the most perfect bundle of joy who is my sunshine and the sunshine of everyone that lays eyes on her, casting her rays on all the bad days to bring light, peace, joy and understanding to the gloomiest of hearts. That being said Christmas for my family this years is not about the gifts, but about the presence of  the people we love most in our life on such a special day and to celebrate the beautiful gift that is my niece and that it is her first Christmas. So between my sisters and I we have decided to do a kris kringle, essentially that is just buying for one person..but there is a catch .. no buying is necessary as the gift should be up cycled or handmade. (So I am open to craft suggestions as I’m yet to settle on an appropriate idea for the sister that I am buying for.)

But basically I just want to say .. embrace December…. embrace Christmas and all its festivities… but most importantly  embrace each other.

This has been a true ramble.
My sincerest apologies.

.TSW. xo


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