The sum of the people you meet.

So just recently found an old notebook that I used to write, I guess you could sort of call it a diary. It was just filled with endless banter discussing  the boys I like, how fat  I thought I was and that mum just  didn’t get me, but my best friend Danielle like totally did (the same Danielle who I haven’t spoken more than a good solid three words to since  I was 16). I got to thinking how important the people around us are in building us an individuals, helping us grow and strive and making us the best possible people we can be, even if they are a ‘Danielle’ who no longer plays a significant role in your life. They once did whether it be for the briefest moment or the longest, be thankful for the presence for the experiences and understanding they gave you, or not even so much being thankful for it but appreciate that they helped you become the beautiful human you are today.

I feel like life is made up of stages. Within them stages are more stages, and in them more and more and more and more. The stages of life are infinite, much like the numbers between 0-1 or between 0-678. Although they are both infinite, one infinity is longer than the other. People are the basis to the ending and begging of all of the stages, people control the infinities we have, and yes there are other factors that contribute to them. But…. I am going to ask you to do something for me and I’ll do it with you. Think back to a time in your life which changed you or affected you (positive or negatively) physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, that was a defining moment in your life yes?

One of those moments when you left one stage of your life and entered a new one.

Was that moment completely self-made?

Could and would it have happened without the presence of other people in your life. Probably not. Well I guess there is the possibility that you were the exception and if that’s the case, awesome! But for the majority of us out there it wasn’t the case, we need people to help make the defining moments in  our life happen  and as dependant as we are on other people … let’s not forget that they need us to… everybody needs everybody.

Back to my ‘Diary’ like I said I was certain that my mum didn’t get me at the time I had written my it but on reflection, her sternness, her discipline, her worry and our bickering was all an act of love and kindness to help shape the woman that I am today … and no Danielle you didn’t really get me (You did however make me realise exactly the type of person I didn’t want to be) … But yes mum you did. My Mum had my best interest at heart and I know that if she hadn’t of raised me the way she did, if she hadn’t of been the way she was… I wouldn’t not be who I am today, and to be frank I like the person I became. I do however wish I would have been more appreciative of my mother at the time when she was trying her best. There are a lot of people in my life I know that I didn’t appreciate enough and I wish I could tell them otherwise now … some I can … and some I can’t. That’s just the way life goes.

But my dear friends (can I call you that?)…I can try and inform you of the importance of people in your life, I cannot however make you believe me or agree with what I’m saying, and by no means am I  saying that any of this is .. as such.. “right”. No matter how big or small, not matter what the relationship is like. Everybody you meet has directly or indirectly had some form of influence on shaping who you are today. So yes. You are an awesome person. You are the reason for that. But my dear you are not the sole reason for your awesomeness.

So I will leave you with dot point messages. Just in case you cannot be bothered reading all of my ramble.

  1. You are a result of your experiences.

  2. Your experiences are made up of so many different faces.

  3. Be thankful for that.

  4. Appreciate everyone who enters your life. (You don’t have to like them, but appreciate them.)

  5. Life is full of stages, so if this stage sucks… I have been there… it gets better … eventually this stage of your life will end and a new better stage will begin. I promise it is worth the wait.

  6. Lastly you are awesome. (definitely the most important to remember.)

.TSW. xo


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