This trending hashtag makes me proud, considering on my Facebook page I was disappointed when reading numerous post degrading, segregating and disrespecting minority ethnic groups with hateful comments. As you can imagine such posts are disgustingly inappropriate in a time were hate needs to be banished and love and peace shared. My heart is aching for those taken hostage in the siege and my extended condolences to the family’s unaware of the safety of there loved ones. The I’ll ride with you hash tags symbolises equality and a neutral ground that believes has the same right to feel safe in there home, and that’s just it everyone should feel safe and at home in a beautiful country such as Australia, it should not take such an event to realise this.
Be kind.
Pray for the ones who need us most at this time.
.TSW. xo



2 thoughts on “#illridewithyou

  1. Really good writing TSW, glad to see I was not the only one disgraced by some of my “friends” through social media.
    Some peoples’ comments were disgusting and vulgar. People need to do there research before posting such demeaning words.
    Words are stronger then man.


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