This is not okay.

So right now I’m watching the breaking news on my television about the siege in Sydney with what could be up to fifty hostages… and my heart.. is breaking. I am feeling overwhelmed with emotions. Fear, worry and sadness.  The poor hostages that have been in there for five hours so far and the poor families that are don’t know if there loved ones are safe. I cannot fathom what they would be going through…. You could not expect this when you decided to go out for your morning coffee.  My heart it aches that we  live in a world that this happens. That this is happening.  As I write. This is not  okay. I feel such distress  I will write a proper blog about the situation  once all is well. I ask you, please pray for Sydney, pray for the beautiful people that are in such a horrific situation, prayer for a kinder world. Pray for this to be over and for all to be safe and well.
Thank you.
.TSW. xo


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